MLB Betting options - Betting Guide and Help
Looking for MLB betting tips and guides? We will provide you some of the best base betting tips to get you winning...

Betting MLB is just not choosing the winner of tonight's game.  There are my betting options available where the player can bet the winner of a 3 game series or the winner of the World Series (in season).

  • ​​​​​Series prices - Bet which team will win a 3 or 4 game series, at a specific price
  • 5 inning lines - choose the winner of a game after just 5 innings.  Get tool if you just want to place money on the starting pitchers, no relying on the bullpen to hold the lead
  • Individual player matchups - put your money on which player will have more Hits+Runs+RBIs vs another
  • Futures - bet on which MLB team will in the win the American League Championship, National League Championship and World Series
  • Over/Under win totals - If you feel a team is under or over rated to start the season, you can wager over/under a win total for that team

Baseball Adjustable Lines

Several top online sportsbooks offer MLB adjustable line features.  This allows you to adjust the line prices for big payouts.


New York Yankees   -1.5 runs -110

Baltimore Orioles +1.5 runs +110

If you reverse this line to Orioles -1.5 runs you would see a huge payout increase:

New York Yankees   +1.5 runs -250

Baltimore Orioles +1.5 runs +230

This is a great way to maximize your wagers and set your lines for big payouts!