NFL Power Rankings and Team Wins: Week 3

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Please see comments and rankings below.

These Rankings are to be used with OWR’s specific NFL betting system, known as “The Guide to NFL Investing”.  (click here to learn more)


Green Bay Packers: This 2013 Packers team looks rock solid, handled a decent Redskin team with ease. Aaron Rodgers looks to be comfortable, with a solid running game (Starks?) to put away any team when leading.  Tough road game at CIN in week 3.

Cincinnati Bengals: Speaking of CIN, the Bengals are a good ball club in 2013. Talent at many skill positions, with a competent QB in Andy Dalton. Defensive line may be best group in AFC. Win vs GB in wk2 could be big step up.

Kansas City Chiefs: Looks who has some boys playing football?  Andy Reid has the Chiefs at full respect level in 2013.  This team will “surprise” many big name team, they will be underrated (until further notice). Short week, traveling to Philly.  Emotions will be running high in Reid’s return.

Honorable Mentions: Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills


New England Patriots: Struggled at Jets, its a tough matchup, but is something missing? Patriots may struggle in 2013. Being cautious at time being.

Philadelphia Eagles: Offense off the charts, but drawback?  Defense has no time to recover. Allowed record yardage to San Diego, in home opener.  Short week, hosting old coach.  Laying 3…hmmm.

Washington Redskins: Ouch, we all know the issues (ESPN is covering 24 hours a day). But one way to view…this team can become UNDERRATE, creating betting opportunities.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Another downgrade, but highly publicized troubles can create UNDERRATED team, can betting opportunities.

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Team Projected
Grade Up/Down
Denver 13 A-
San Francisco 13 A-
Seattle 12 B+
New England 11 B
Philadelphia 10 B-
Baltimore 10 B-
Atlanta 10 B-
New Orleans 10 B-
Green Bay 10 B-
Tampa Bay 9 C+
NY Giants 9 C+
Tennessee 9 C+
Cincinnati 9 C+
Indianapolis 8 C
Chicago 8 C
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St. Louis 8 C
Houston 8 C
Detroit 8 C
Kansas City 8 C
Pittsburgh 7 C-
Washington 7 C-
Dallas 7 C-
Arizona 7 C-
San Diego 6 C-
Miami 6 C-
Buffalo 6 C-
Cleveland 5 D+
Minnesota 5 D+
Carolina 5 D+
NY Jets 4 D
Oakland 4 D
Jacksonville 3 D-