DraftKings Daily NFL Playoffs Betting Insights - 1/20/23

DraftKings Daily NFL Playoffs Betting Insights - 1/20/23

Explore the latest betting insights for the NFL Divisional Round with a focus on the most bet games, teams, and player props, featuring the highly anticipated Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens matchup.


The NFL Divisional Round brings a wave of excitement among bettors, with DraftKings offering a comprehensive insight into the most bet games, teams, and player props. Highlighting this excitement is the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens, drawing significant attention in first touchdown scorer bets and other player props.

Most Bet Games & Teams - Divisional Round

  • Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens: Topping the charts, this game has garnered massive betting interest, indicating its critical nature in the playoff scenario.
  • Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers: Following closely, this game is also a focal point, with bettors intrigued by the high stakes and dynamic player matchups.

Most Bet TD Scorers & Player Props

  • Gus Edwards: Leading the pack with 19% handle and 22% bets for the first TD scorer at +600 odds, Edwards is a prime focus for bettors.
  • Nico Collins: With +1200 odds, Collins holds a significant 17% handle, reflecting bettor confidence despite the longer odds.
  • Isaiah Likely and Lamar Jackson (BAL): Their scoring abilities are not going unnoticed, capturing significant betting percentages.

ATS (Against The Spread) & Moneyline Insights

  • The Texans and Ravens rank high in both ATS and Moneyline bets, illustrating the divided opinion among bettors about the game's outcome.
  • The 49ers and Packers also show strong betting interest, suggesting close attention to their performance against the spread.

1st Touchdown Scorer Splits

  • Christian McCaffrey (+310) and Gus Edwards (+600) top the list for the first touchdown scorer, indicating high expectations for their early impact in their respective games.

2+ TD Scorer Odds

  • Christian McCaffrey's odds of scoring 2 or more touchdowns stand at +150, signifying the confidence in his scoring ability.
  • Gus Edwards and Lamar Jackson (BAL) also feature prominently in this category, demonstrating the potential for high-scoring performances.

Player Props & Game Line Movement

  • C.J. Stroud's passing touchdowns and Isaiah Likely's receiving yards are key props attracting bettor interest.
  • The line movement for the Texans vs Ravens game shows slight shifts, indicating evolving perceptions about the game's dynamics.

Daily Promos & Game Splits

  • DraftKings offers daily promotions, enhancing the betting experience for enthusiasts. Bettors are encouraged to check the latest promos for additional opportunities.
  • The game line movement for the Packers vs 49ers game also shows significant shifts, reflecting the betting community's reaction to team news and player form.

Concluding Thoughts

This Divisional Round in the NFL playoffs presents a fascinating betting landscape. With varied betting interests from first touchdown scorers to game line movements, the insights provided by DraftKings offer valuable guidance for bettors looking to place informed wagers. As always, bettors are reminded to engage responsibly, keeping in mind the dynamic nature of sports betting.

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