NFL Week 5 Betting Preview & Predictions 2023

NFL Week 5 Betting Preview & Predictions 2023

Dive deep into this week's NFL matchup predictions and insights. From the Ravens vs. Steelers clash to the 49ers taking on the Cowboys, our proprietary prediction table offers in-depth analysis on game outcomes, spreads, and more. Don't make a move without it!

Another week of NFL action is upon us, and at, we're here to guide you with our proprietary NFL algorithm, combined with the latest trends and statistics. Let's dive deep into our predictions for Week 5!

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Spread: Ravens -4.0

The predictions unanimously support the Ravens, with the smallest predicted margin being 4 points.

Insight: The Steelers' offense, even with a potentially returning Kenny Pickett, hasn't lived up to its preseason hype. The Ravens, on the other hand, are getting key players back. Brooke's note indicates that Lamar Jackson could have a big day against a struggling Steelers' defense.


  • Over/Under Prediction: Over
  • Confidence: 5.54
  • Final Score Prediction: Steelers 19.53 - Ravens 18.97
  • Point Spread Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Spread Confidence: 99.00

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

Over/Under: 50.5

Most predictors believe the Eagles will prevail, though the margins are relatively close.

Insight: The Eagles, despite not being in their dominant Super Bowl form, are still undefeated. The Rams might struggle, especially if their QB Matthew Stafford is not at 100%. Ali's point about the Eagles' superiority in the trenches and the Hurts-Brown connection might tip the scales in the Eagles' favor.


  • Over/Under Prediction: Under
  • Confidence: 5.92
  • Final Score Prediction: Rams 24.27 - Eagles 26.23
  • Point Spread Winner: Los Angeles Rams
  • Spread Confidence: 81.18

New York Jets at Denver Broncos

Spread: Broncos -1.5

The predictions are mixed, with a slight lean towards the Jets.

Insight: This could be labeled the "Nathaniel Hackett revenge game". Despite Aaron Rodgers being sidelined, there's an opportunity for Zach Wilson and the Jets to exploit Denver's weak run defense. Ali believes the Jets will edge out a narrow victory for their former head coach.


  • Over/Under Prediction: Too close to call
  • Confidence: 3.77
  • Final Score Prediction: Broncos 32.44 - Jets 11.06
  • Point Spread Winner: Denver Broncos
  • Spread Confidence: 18.82

New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints


  • Over/Under Prediction: Too close to call
  • Confidence: 0.66
  • Final Score Prediction: Patriots 23.57 - Saints 15.93
  • Point Spread Winner: New England Patriots
  • Spread Confidence: 54.45

Arizona Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Bengals


  • Over/Under Prediction: Under
  • Confidence: 6.41
  • Final Score Prediction: Cardinals 32.91 - Bengals 11.59
  • Point Spread Winner: Arizona Cardinals
  • Spread Confidence: 36.64

Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs


  • Over/Under Prediction: Under
  • Confidence: 8.91
  • Final Score Prediction: Vikings 31.37 - Chiefs 21.13
  • Point Spread Winner: Minnesota Vikings
  • Spread Confidence: 72.27

San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys


  • Over/Under Prediction: Over
  • Confidence: 4.51
  • Final Score Prediction: 49ers 29.55 - Cowboys 15.45
  • Point Spread Winner: San Francisco 49ers
  • Spread Confidence: 45.55

Concluding Thoughts

Week 5 presents an exciting slate of games with significant implications for the season's progression. Whether you're looking to place a bet or just here for the stats and predictions, always remember to wager responsibly. As always, our projections provide guidance, but the unpredictability and thrill of the game is what keeps us all hooked.

Stay tuned to for more updates, statistics, and predictions as we navigate through this electrifying NFL season.

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