Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves Game 2 Betting Preview

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves Game 2 Betting Preview

Delve into our comprehensive betting guide for the showdown between the Phillies and Braves. From recent trends to moneyline insights, equip yourself with data-driven recommendations to enhance your betting strategy.

Location: Truist Park

Weather Forecast: Clear, 65 degrees

Moneyline (ML):

  • Philadelphia Phillies: +132
  • Atlanta Braves: -156

The Moneyline suggests that the Atlanta Braves are the favorites to win the match, with a bet of $100 on the Braves returning $164 if they secure a victory. Conversely, a bet of $100 on the Philadelphia Phillies would yield $232 if they manage to come out on top.

Total Points (O/U):

  • Over 8.0: -108
  • Under 8.0: -112

The odds indicate a close expectation on the total runs scored by both teams combined. A bet on the game total going over 8 runs stands at -108, meaning a $108 bet would return $208 if the combined score is 9 or more. On the flip side, if you're expecting a lower-scoring game, the under 8.0 runs is priced at -112. A bet of $112 would return $212 if the teams combined for 7 or fewer runs.

Run Line:

  • Philadelphia Phillies: +1.5 (-162)
  • Atlanta Braves: -1.5 (+134)

On the Run Line, the Phillies are given a 1.5 run advantage. If you bet on the Phillies, they would need to either win the game or lose by just 1 run for you to win the bet. This comes at odds of -162, so a $162 bet would return $262. Conversely, for the Braves to cover the -1.5 run line, they'd need to win by at least 2 runs. A $100 bet on the Braves covering the run line would return $234.

Team Overview:

Philadelphia Phillies (PHI)

  • Record: 93-72 overall, 42-40 on the road.
  • Average runs scored per game: 4.91
  • Average runs allowed per game: 4.35
  • Over/Under Record: 73-78
  • Odds for today's game: +130, Over 8.0 (-108), +1.5 Run Line (-166)

Atlanta Braves (ATL)

  • Record: 104-59 overall, 52-30 at home.
  • Average runs scored per game: 5.81
  • Average runs allowed per game: 4.41
  • Over/Under Record: 91-69
  • Odds for today's game: -154, Under 8.0 (-112), -1.5 Run Line (+138)


  • In their last 10 matchups, the Phillies have come out on top 6 times, while the Braves have taken 4.
  • Over/Under for these games stands at 4 overs, 5 unders, and 1 push.
  • Notably, in their recent game on October 7th, the Braves shutout the Phillies 3-0 with S. Strider performing exceptionally, pitching 7 innings.

Recent Betting Trends:


  • Phillies have successfully hit the Moneyline in 30 of their last 48 away games, generating +8.55 Units with a 14% ROI.
  • A promising trend for bettors is that the Phillies have surpassed the Team Total Over in 14 of their last 20 away games, yielding a strong +7.25 Units with a 30% ROI.
  • In recent form, the Phillies have surpassed the Game Total Over in 30 of their last 56 games (+6.10 Units / 10% ROI).


  • Braves have gone over the Game Total in a staggering 87 of their last 152 games, raking in +18.60 Units with an 11% ROI.
  • At home, they've surpassed the Team Total Over in 35 of their last 54 games (+12.59 Units / 19% ROI).
  • However, the Braves have struggled with hitting the Game Total Under, resulting in losses in 62 of their last 154 games (-35.55 Units / -21% ROI).


The matchup between the Phillies and Braves promises to be a gripping one, given their recent form and head-to-head statistics. The Phillies, despite being on the road, have shown resilience, especially in terms of hitting the over. On the other hand, while the Braves have had a tendency to go over the total, their recent trends suggest they've been inconsistent in delivering results for bettors, particularly at home.

For those placing bets, taking note of the Phillies' success on the Moneyline and their knack for going over might be a safe bet. However, as always, it's essential to combine this data with other insights and current game-day conditions.

Please gamble responsibly.

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